Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting Fruity

Pineapple, Kiwi, Banana "cup"
Getting Fruity Smoothie
It's been almost a full week now of me eating primarily fruit. To be honest it has been easier than I thought. I do drink them for the most part in smoothies and that is quite filling. I have tried making some more savory smoothies with more of the non sweet fruit like cucumbers and tomatoes but for now my body and taste buds seem to be craving the fruit more. With time I think I will be more ready for the other.

I have been researching the work of Dr. Robert Morse ND and watching his detox videos on Youtube (highly recommend!) and he is a big proponent of the fruit diet especially to heal. I feel like I've been learning so much! Don't get me wrong, I think if I could chew I would still be having a big salad for dinner as I do miss that but for right now I am enjoying my smoothies.

Right now pineapples are on special at our market and I am taking full advantage. Yes- they are picked green in Hawaii I imagine and that's not the best way to eat pineapple but truth be told,  they are delicious and since I can't get to Hawaii right now, I'm enjoying them here.

The above Pineapple cup just seemed like a pretty idea. I made it for Rich for breakfast this week and blended the same ingredients for me. Then of course he wanted mine. So I blended his as well. Go figure.

My other favorite smoothie with the pineapple is mango, pineapple, banana and greens. Yum! Matter of fact I think I'll go make one now!

Okay... so another great food I am finding to be delicious is Grapes!
Grapes are so nutritive and sustaining not to mention cleansing.  And oh! They are so easy to eat!

look at the size of these organic grapes!
Dr. Morse is such a fan of grapes that he puts his cancer patients on grape fasts. Up to 42 days at a time and experiences tumors actually disappearing.  Amazing!

There is actually an old publication all about the curative powers of grapes called The Grape Diet written in 192 by Johann Brandt.
I am assuming that's where Dr. Morse got his idea. It has been a natural healing method used in Europe for almost 100 years.

I'm not ready for a grape fast anytime soon but I do plan to continue to enjoy them and I look at them now with a whole new appreciation.

hammock time
This is my idea of how to rest and relax while getting some much needed fresh air.

A hammock, a good book on my Kindle, water, some fruit, the sound of the water fountain and of course my pooch by my side.

Her latest thing is that she wants to climb into the hammock with me but I prefer Lili to stay on the ground. It's too easy to bounce yourself onto the ground as it is.

Her snoring though can really put me to sleep!

Funny tidbit:
While we were out there (and after I put the camera away) a road runner skulked right behind her under the tree. Fortunately Lili never saw it. I think I would have been bounced to the ground for sure!

Lili snoring up a storm
Lili Von Shtupp in her pukas
That's it for today my friends. I hope this post reminds you that simple fruit can be a meal and is arguably our perfect fit as far as nutrition goes. I will also be sharing some of  low fat soup combinations I am working on but this week was just about enjoying the simplicity of fruit!



bitt said...

I am tempted to eat mostly fruit just because of the ease of it but I get super grouchy without fats. Do you live down south? I thought I remembered that you did.

Jodi~GettingRaw said...

I live in So Cal. I was reading about the fat connection with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia and to be honest I feel a lot better with the fat out of my system. It's hard to change that habit though.

bitt said...

There are literally a billion ideas about what causes CF so I am completely stumped. For as many people who say fats are no good, there are as many that say fruit is no good. So I just keep eating both. :-)


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