Monday, November 22, 2010

One Week 100% Raw Low Fat

Can you say DETOX!!!?

This is what it feels like. 
Just need to keep my head down, keep going and ignore the cooked food mirage that keeps calling my name for a quick fix.

Seriously, it has been a very tough week. I thought going raw was difficult but going low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw is another story. There is no way around detox here. Must go through it.

Headaches, congestion, hives and fatigue like never before. And did I mention shin splints? But I'm sure it will all be better on the other side.

I feel like I have done nothing this week except shop for fruit and veggies, slice or blend & eat them,  walk my 60 minutes per day and sleep. And the week is gone. 


Just like that!

Other than the rapid cleansing, the food component really couldn't be simpler. 

Fruit and veggies and greens.

I am focused on green smoothies, salads, and fruit mono meals. The hard part is getting enough calories in for the day without nuts and seeds. I am charting my daily calories on Fitday until I get the hang of it to make sure I don't slack in this area.

My day's food intake looks like this:

Pitcher of Smoothie:
2.5 cups strawberries
2 cups pineapple
4 cups spinach
1 banana
2 tbsp chia gel
2 tbsp hemp seeds
2 cups water

5 clementines

4 cups greens
1 tomato
1 cup zucchini shreds
1 cup carrot shreds
.5 cup cucumber slices
lemon wedges for dressing

4 cups watermelon

This all works out to around a little over 1000 cals and less than 10% fat. I am actually working to increase these numbers a bit but it's a lot of food to get used to eating. My giant salad works out to around 113 cals- that's it!

So.... On I go.

Oh.. and for all my effort this last week.... 11 lbs gone! Woohoo!


Ann B. Davis said...

Jodi, I'm so impressed. You inspire me! Are you using Doug Graham's 80-10-10 as your model? I've been wanting to try it because of the candida factor which he says his diet takes care of through eliminating the fat and not the fruit but I just hate to be wiped out from detox and not able to function. I get terrific headaches. I think I'd have to slowly transition into it. I'm concerned you're not getting enough calories, though. Anyway, I'm eager to see how you progress and I might join you after Thanksgiving. Maybe a modification of what you're doing. I'll have to think about it. I'm currently doing an hour long NIA class every day so have to have the energy for that. I love it. Keep up the good work....Ann

Jodi ~Getting Raw said...

Thanks Ann. Yes I am following 80-10-10 and trying to build up my calories. It takes time in the beginning to get your stomach adjusted to the volume of food. That has been my biggest challenge. He says to start slower and ease into the detox, start with fruit only in the morning and cooked in the evenings but still keep inching your fat percentage down as you can to reach the under 10%.
Good luck if you decide to do it! I'll be here to cheer you on!

Hello my name is Marjorie said...

I can tell this is the right eating plan for life and health. Your blog is so helpful! Thank you for this!


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