Friday, December 17, 2010

Dr. OZ Spreading the Green Drink/Smoothie Love

So as I stood in the check out at the  grocery store today I saw this magazine, First for Women staring back at me.

Okay I thought, I'll bite ....
So what IS Dr. Oz's #1 Fat Cure?

What a surprise!
Green Juice and Green Smoothies!

Alright Dr. OZ!

I know he drinks green drinks himself and has had them on his show and even convinced  Oprah to try them, but I was so thrilled to see this information go main stream!
So much so that I bought the magazine. ( I want the publishers to know that this is the information that sells so to keep it coming!)

The article gives a really good overview with easy recipes  for both green smoothies or green juicing complete with tips for juicers and blending.

There are success stories of women who have not only lost considerable weight but also describe feeling amazing right away. The article mentions other notable health changes they experienced as well.
There was a wonderful shout out to Victoria Boutenko and  her book,
as it should be seeing how she is the one who came up with green smoothies.

Dr. Robert Young and The Ph Miracle was covered and then a couple of authors that frankly would not have been my first choice picks for this article. There have been so many other better books since the ones they chose to mention but I believe they were in previous articles by this magazine. 
They mention a few good combos for both smoothies and juices and then another page of tips for slimming things up with a traditional diet. Got to go easy on the readers I guess.

Now this is not news to many who are already on a raw path by any means but it really did give me a thrill to read this article singing the praises of raw greens in a "regular" magazine. Hopefully more will learn the power of greens and the ease of green drinks and smoothies and help heal their lives.

Could times really be a changin' ?
Gosh I hope so!

Keep Spreading the Love Dr. OZ!

For some tips on Basic Green Smoothies with some of our favorite recipes, use this link. 

Tried and enjoyed- I promise you and your family will enjoy! I am one of the most finicky eaters around.


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