Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting RAW is Transforming!!

The other night in the early morning hours as I was trying to clear my mind to sleep, the opposite happened. I suddenly was inspired. It was one of those moments that you have to turn the light on and grab a pen and paper because the ideas were flowing and fast. It had become clear to me that it was time for change.

Over the last year or so  Getting RAW  has become primarily a raw food blog as that is what I have had the energy to focus on. But in the beginning, I had envisioned more of a lifestyle blog as that is what I am presently doing,  getting raw  not just with my food but with my overall daily life.

What does it mean exactly, Getting Raw?

Yes, it is a movement towards uncooked plant based food in its natural state but (for me anyway) it is much more than that.

When I chose the name of the blog, I was exploring raw foods but I also had done a search of the word raw and this is what I found:

basic, green, natural, organic, unfinished, unprocessed, real, bare, and pure

I  really  like the idea of  all of this!

For me this sums up my focus of the last few years; striving to get back to nature and away from chemicals and environmental toxins for not only my health but also because I have always found the more natural and unprocessed something is, the more appealing.

Getting back to nature, basics and essentials can be a beautiful if not liberating thing!

So with that in mind, I have decided to finally expand the scope of  Getting RAW  to include more of what that means to me.  It is not only the food we eat, but the water we drink, what we put on and next to our skins, and what we choose to surround ourselves with, both mentally and physically that needs to be as natural and nurturing as possible.

Also as an interior designer for the last 20 years,  nature has always been my muse so I am pleased to say that I will be incorporating more of that side of my personality and experience to the blog as well with pictures, projects and information that I hope will inspire you to bring more of the elements into your life and home.

These are just some of the things you can look forward to finding on the new Getting Raw blog....

Raw Food
simple beautiful food and recipes and while most will be raw, 

don't be surprised 
if you see some cooked plant based recipes as well.

Raw at Home
natural home cleaning and keeping

Raw Nature
food for the Soul through the eyes

Raw Health & Beauty
products and DIY recipes for health and beauty 

Raw By Design
design and decor inspired by nature

Raw Escapes
travel adventures that unplug and reconnect

Raw Talent and Treasures
showcasing little luxuries using natural elements
the people who make them

Raw Reviews
books, films, blogs etc that enlighten

Raw Mind, Body and Spirit
because when connected, we are capable of so much more!

That's an overview of some of my ideas for now. 

They just keep coming. I am so excited to share more of what I have been learning. I hope you stay tuned and follow along. 

And if there is anything you can think of that you would like to see or read about in terms of  getting raw  as I have defined it above,  please let me know

I would love to hear from you. 


Wendy Green said...

looking good jodi. right up my alley. i can help contribute to quite a few of these categories! <3

Jennifer Arugay said...

Love this! All of it <3. Inspired and inspiring.

Jodi~GettingRaw said...

Wendy and Jennifer- thanks for the feedback! I am excited for what's in store.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! MH

Anonymous said...

I"m looking forward to this!

Jodi~GettingRaw said...

Thank you! I'm excited about this as well!!


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