Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 Your Portal Awaits

Knock Knock! It’s Your Cosmic Wake Up Call

Have you heard all the buzz? November 11, 2011 is considered an auspicious date. A rare occurance and a really cool looking date on paper, 11-11-11.  If you are getting married, like one of my very best friends, it’s like the Super Bowl of wedding dates- everyone wants in on it and the competition is fierce!

For some it holds a lot more significance than just a cool date on paper and here is where I think it gets interesting.  (I’m going to just highlight what I think are the intriguing parts because there is tons out there on this and well, it is my blog after all ; ^)

According to numerologist, astrologist and my reiki master extraordinaire, Anne Reith in her blog 
“The number one signifies new beginnings, fresh starts, laying foundations for new projects.... double numbers (11, 22, etc) are known as “master numbers. They represent a higher octave expression of the single-digit number.  The master number 11 represents the emergence of enlightenment.  Therefore, the date 11/11/11 is believed to represent a spiritual initiation or gateway.

So if you think of a single one (1) as a new beginning or a new cycle, a double one (11) is like a door way and 11-11-11 is like three doorways- extra powerful!

Doreen Virtue author of the book, Angel Numbers has this to say, “ in Angel Numbers 111111 is highly significant of a gateway energy opening where everything is possible."

Hear that? Everything is possible!!

Now we, here in the northern hemisphere, also have a full moon on this 11-11-11 as well and a combination that only rolls around once every hundred years.

Again according to Anne, “We are being urged to align our feelings with our actions, and vice versa... On this special day, you are encouraged to focus on your ideal vision of your life, our relationships, and the world. ... This is a time when we can more clearly see where we are and where we are choosing to go....Use the extraordinary energy of the Full Moon and 11/11/11 to take a giant leap forward on your path.”

According to Claire Louise Hay (no relation to Louise Hay) the combination of the date and full moon makes for an even more powerful day of releasing the past and starting anew. 

“This day is about thoughts manifesting...This means we have opportunity to release everything inside of us that stands in our way of creating what we want in life.”

We can look at this as a time to step through that new doorway, leaving all our baggage behind. Release the past, forgive others as well as ourselves and leave all those blockages that have stood in the way of us living the lives that we want and know in our hearts that we fully deserve.

Whether you believe in numerology, astrology, science, or none of the above and think it’s all just hogwash and the numbers are pure numerical sequence, I think you’re right!

I believe that it’s the belief and power that we give these beliefs that holds true significance for each and every one of us, everyday.

So whatever you believe, maybe just for today, set aside a little time (just in case) to sit quietly and think or meditate about where you are in your life, what vision you have for your most perfect life, what you need to release and leave behind and what you would like to bring into your life from this point forward. 

And if you are so inclined maybe even take it a step further and go ahead and make the decision to have a brand new start. Wipe the slate clean. Decide that from here on out that not only is everything possible, everything you want can be yours and more. What could it hurt? 

Visualize shedding all that has held you back and go ahead and step through that new doorway.

Decide to wake up on the 12th with a whole new outlook and a brand new feeling of empowerment. Because if the 11th is the gateway that releases you from the past, then the 12th is really the first day of your new amazing life.

Good news too because my friends that are getting married had to settle for the 12th as their wedding day (I told you competition was fierce) but what has turned out to be a very auspicious day after all!

So happy 11-11-11 everyone and here’s to making it an incredible start to your new life!!

This blog post is dedicated to Mike and Alexis. 
May you have the most wonderous, joyful and loving life together. 
I love you both! 


Anonymous said...

Thank u so much Jodi! I'll keep u posted with photos, soon. Wedding is 11-12-11 at 430p Hawaii time

Jodi~GettingRaw said...

Thanks Mike- Hope you have an amazing and blissful wedding day!


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