Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Message In err... On The Bottle

Or moreover....

Message In the Water

Heard about the work of Japanese Scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto and his mind blowing studies into the messages of water? No? Well Check it out! 
Plus how to etch your own bottles.

One thing I really love about Cafe Gratitude is the water, or maybe more accurately, the water bottles. From my first visit I wanted ones just like them.
Why? You ask.

They have etched on the bottles words such as Love, Gratitude, Abundance, Familia.

Okay, so what? you say. What’s the big deal about words on a bottle?

It’s not just words on the bottle but what happens to the water when there are words on the bottle.

Hang on now! Stay with me!

If you have read or better yet seen the photos from the work by Dr. Masaru Emoto from his book, Messages From Water, you will never look at water the same way again. It will completely mesmerize you. You will never think about music, saying grace or more importantly words and their intentions the same way again either. 

What Dr. Emoto discovered is that music, words, beautiful pictures, prayers and intentions affect the molecules of water and that water has memory. When you realize that we as humans are made up of over 70% water, not to mention the percentage of all living things on our planet, including our planet, the ramifications of this are truly mind blowing.

His research in a nutshell:

Dr. Emoto did a study where he took water from a polluted lake and froze samples for a few hours and then studied them under a dark field microscope. He then studied the results again after a blessing had been done to the water. What he found was a markable difference in crystiline structure. 
Polluted Lake Water Before Prayer                                                                     After Prayer              
He then examined distilled water, again frozen, before and then again after it was exposed to music, different types of music. (By the way, the tap water never produced any crystaline structures, only pure water from remote lakes and rivers and distilled...hmmm....)

Again, amazing results.

He then went on to label bottles of distilled water with words for 24 hrs and then examine the same water again. This is what truly boggles the mind.
"You Make Me Sick"                                                                      "Love and Appreciation"

If words can do this to water, what do our words and intentions everyday do to us and our world around us? Think about it!

For more photos of Dr. Emoto's Crystals check this out:

Love this:

 If words and thoughts can do this to water, what are your words and thoughts doing to you?

If given the choice, wouldn’t you want to drink water that looked like this?

Love and Thanks

Me too!

So I set out to make my own water bottles.

Read on for.........

How To Etch Your Own Glass Water Bottle



You are going to need glass bottles.

I got these from Ikea and Cost Plus/ World Market

Make sure they are clean and free from detergent or any residue that would keep tape from sticking.

I had used a sticker remover on one bottle and had to work to get that residue removed completely.

(These are dry on the inside.)

 You will also need:

Thick masking tape with full strength hold. (I don't recommend blue painters tape.)

Glass etching cream

A little paint brush

A small swivel Exacto knife

Pen is optional
Small scissors

Gloves, glasses or whatever etching cream recommends

Decide what words you would like on your bottle.

Either sketch up what you want it to look like or use a computer font to print out the size and look you want.
Or even just to get ideas.

Keep in mind the thinner the lettering the harder it is to cut out.

Get ready for transfer

Cut a piece of masking tape and place on a surface you can cut on.

If you are worried about the tape sticking to that surface, cut a double thickness of tape so you can still remove the top layer.

One the reverse side of your word, transfer some pencil carbon to act as carbon paper.

Position the word over your tape and secure.

You want to make sure you have enough of a margin to keep etch cream for getting outside the stencil.

Then with your pencil, trace around the letters

Press hard to get a good transfer

You should have a very visible transfer.

If you would like to make it clearer, trace again with the pen.

Now with the exacto knife,
cut out the lettering, carefully.
Trim with small scissors if needed.

I found it easier to cut out bigger letters and do a reverse stencil by framing in a border on the bottle.

Taping/ Etching

Place your words/stencil where you like.

Make sure the tape is very secure. 
I used the bottom of the foam brush to rub over the tape to secure to bottle.

Follow instructions on etching cream.

Mine said to be very careful about not touching or breathing in the cream so I used gloves. Also be near water.

Apply cream heavily over area and wait 5 mins and rinse well and remove tape.

Printer Friendly Instructions

Have you seen Dr. Emoto's photos before?
What do YOU think about it?


Grand X-Ray joins Komen Race for the Cure said...

Wow! This is amazing - thank you for sharing, Jodi. It's hard to believe it's real, but thinking about how inspiring words can better lives, and the opposite for hurtful words it feels as though our creator is listening to what we say. These images are small pieces of evidence to that effect.

Jodi~GettingRaw said...

It's fascinating isn't it? Dr.Emote also showed pictures to the water with similar results. Just makes you realize how powerful our vibrational energy is! Gives even more reason to stop and appreciate our food and drink before eating that's for sure. Thanks for commenting!

Treesa said...

This is really cool. I'd love to do that on our large water jugs and daily water bottles when time and energy permits. Thanks, Jodi!

Jodi~GettingRaw said...

You are most welcome Treesa! We now use these bottles daily as I filter our water and then fill the bottles to keep in the fridge. Somehow I like to think our water is now more "blessed" and providing better juju! Let's hope! ;-)


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