Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Giving Trees

If you subscribe to the rationale that we are designed to eat along with the seasons, it makes sense that citrus with all its vitamin power would be the fruit for this time of year. What better time to fortify your body with antioxidants and vitamin C than what for many is cold and flu season.

As I drive around town and especially down our street, I can't help but notice the abundance of food in the trees.  We are fortunate to have so many citrus trees in our neighborhood. Whether they are the giant 30 year old trees or the newer ones with the fruit straining it's young tender branches, they all seem to be calling out the same thing-

 "Come and Get it!"
Desert Citrus Trees

While our trees aren't in a picturesque grove somewhere, but instead street side or along the parking lots, the fruit is still more than edible and delicious!

This is one of our favorites- the Tangelo Tree.

As you can see it is ripe for the picking.
So that's what we have been doing with our little picker basket.
Here we have about 10 lbs but there is still so much more in the tree.
We call these "Tangelo Bombs." 
These are so juicy.  If they hit the ground (or your car) they literally explode!
They really are best for juice or even better- sherbet!!
(sherbet recipe in previous post or click here.)

We also have an abundance of grapefruit right now as well.

With all these ripe trees, I can't help but feel like a clock is ticking. It's only a short amount of time until they are either all gone or all bad. I need to get busy!

It also makes me think about all the people they could feed, instead of the way this fruit is going unused and unnoticed by most. If everyone planted fruit trees in their yards, wouldn't that go a long way towards feeding people? Just a thought. 

For now I am making the most of our bounty. Here is a simple salad that really looks special:

Winter Citrus Salad
Winter Citrus Salad

Blood Orange 
Pomegranate Seeds.

Peel the citrus and slice. Sprinkle with seeds and drizzle the honey over top.

I have more citrus dishes coming up next.

How about you? Are you taking advantage of this bountiful season and getting your Vit C in?
Let me know what you are doing!

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