Monday, November 15, 2010

Raw Food Boot Camp

I decided that I needed a little kick in the pants! 
So Today I Start Raw Boot Camp!

So for the next 4 weeks I am going low fat, low sodium, low sugar, 100% RAW!!
Not only that but I will be committing to at least an hour a day of walking!

I know, I know.  Right before the holidays and a week before Thanksgiving?
 Am I out of my mind?
Yep, probably! 

This always seems to be my time of year to crack down. My birthday is a little over 1 month away and it always motivates me. Last year I did a 30 day raw challenge and I felt great! We even had an all raw Thanksgiving and for the first time in years did not feel sick that day! R was pleased because he dropped about 17 lbs himself during that time.

I have been reading a lot lately about how to go raw and the mistakes that some people make going raw. I know from my experience that my mistake comes from relying on the fats to carry me through and not focusing enough on the fresh produce. The sweets, the nuts, the salt can all add up to too much. There are so many ways to go raw and stay unhealthy, although if you stay with it, these transition foods tend to taper off and for many this works out just fine.

But for me this has been a tough year.  I have had a major relapse with my health and consider myself to be in a health crisis. I really would like to change the tide before the next year starts.

So I am Upping the Ante and Going All In!
A wise reader of my blog post,  Raw Food Hokey Pokey commented:

"Put Your Whole Self In and Turn Yourself Around!"
So That's Exactly What I Am Doing!

If I were to go off to a healing orientated center like Optimum Health Institute (OHI) or Hippocrates Health Institute ( HHI), I know for a fact that they would nut be serving me raw cheezcake, nut butters and pates, and lots of dehydrated foods. It would be low fat, low sodium and high, high produce, although low in fruit. I was listening to renown cardiac surgeon Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn talk about the dangers of not only high fat diets even among vegetarians and vegans but also moderate fat diets. Based on a 21 year study of reversing heart disease in cardiac patients, he says the diet must be plant based and below 11% fat, all the time! He is a big proponent of No Oils! Stating that even vegans and other plant based eaters still have signs of plaque buildup in the arteries from consuming oils and other fats regularly.

He also stated that it takes 90 days to kill off your fat tooth. I need to get rid of that one myself. I am pretty good right now when it comes to not wanting meat and other animal proteins but dairy is still calling my name. The nuts have been helping with that but I would rather just cut it out for a bit.

So will I be able to do this indefinitely? Not sure about that one but at least I can do 4 weeks and see how I feel.

What I like about this approach is that it really brings me back to where I would like to focus-

Simple, Simple, Simple!

I need to keep my calories between 1000- 1200 and my fats below 20%. It is actually hard to eat enough produce to reach 1000 calories without fats and oils so I think I will be relying a good bit on smoothies. It's going to be lots of grab and go food and little food preparation. My choices will be plain fruit and veggies, simple combintions and blended combos. No nuts, grains or oils and only one banana a day.

The other component is daily exercise. This is another weakness of mine. I have Fibromyalgia and CFIDS  and with this being a major relapse year, this will be my biggest challenge. I think I can break things down into short outings and see how it goes but my intent is for at least an hour a day of good walking.  I think my dog will really enjoy this too. Honestly I really look forward to getting back outdoors and maybe resuming my hiking group at some point.

So that's where I am this month- Bootcamp!

My posts are going to be getting even simpler when it comes to raw food. This will surely be an adventure!


Lucy said...

LOVE the boots in your bootcamp...! Also, love your blogspot. It's good!

Jodi ~Getting Raw said...

Thanks Lucy! These boots pictured here certainly are NOT made for walking! Just wanted something a little bit more feminine to remind me what it's all for- bringing sexy back!

Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said...

Good for you on choosing to tackle this goal during the holidays! I think there's no better time :) One Q: you said no nuts or oils, but are you including seeds in your diet? Hempseeds would go great in your smoothies and provide you with some of the protein you'll be missing out on from nuts & grains. :)

Jodi ~Getting Raw said...

Thanks Amber! I am just learning how to do this but I am planning to include seeds like hemp, chia and flax. Thanks for catching that!


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