Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Food For Thought

There are 6 Weeks Until The New Year!

What are you going to do with them?

This may seem a little strange to post here in mid November but this could really make or break how you feel come New Year's.

Think back to Last New Year's...
What were your plans for this year? Most people include some aspect of health and/or weight loss in their New Year's resolutions. How about you? Are you on track for those goals or have they fallen by the wayside?

It's not too late! There are 6 weeks left until the end of the year. 
Think about what you can accomplish if you give it a shot, even if it's just not gaining weight over the holidays- that would be a good one!

Do you really want to just coast through the holidays and "start fresh" Jan 1st or maybe make that Jan 2nd because you have a party to go to or better yet let's just be safe and make it Jan 5th but wait... You see what happens?

What are the holidays really about anyway? Food or Friends and Family?

And here's something else to think about...

You know how they say "the holidays are cold and flu season"? Well why is that?
Is it really because some strange bug comes in from out of town?
We are always exposed to germs and bugs.
Perhaps it is what we do to our bodies during the holidays that leaves us crying the blues come the new year- if we hold out that long.

Think about it. We eat things that we don't normally eat ("... well, maybe just this once...") and eat too much of things that maybe we do normally eat. We run around in a stressed state. Parties to plan and go to. Family and friends are coming, we have to get ready! We have loads of shopping to do. We have to make food, lots of food. We have to clean or even redecorate the house- company's coming! All the while our normal day to day life must carry on. The kids still have to go to school and soccer practice or rehearsals. There is still work to go to or to be done. You get the picture.

Add to that parties, drinking, over eating, under sleeping, over stressed (yelling fighting, crying?) We put our body's out of balance and I'm talking especially about Ph balance. All that food, drinking, stress all equals an acid state, ripe for illness.

Our immune systems don't stand a chance.

So instead of just thinking about holiday wait gain this season maybe think about staying healthy throughout the year end and new year. What could you do to make this year different?

How about:

1. Refocusing on healthy fruits and vegetables and making sure they are the main stay of your diet. I'm not saying don't eat some of your holiday favorites but maybe just a bite or two could be enough.

Or better yet make a healthier version that you enjoy. If you don't enjoy it you could just end up on a bender with the real deal so be careful with this one.

2. See what you can make to bring to the gatherings.

Or better yet just make it and bring it! There are not many hostesses out there that will say "can you make and bring something?" Make sure you have a staple for your meals to eat. And if you can't bring your food where you are going, eat before hand.

3. Making sure to take a time out when your stress temperature starts to rise. When you feel yourself feeling stressed, take a moment and regroup.

Or better yet set a side time for yourself to chill out on a regular basis- daily!

4. Remember what it's all about. Focus on what's doable for you and don't worry about the rest. There comes a moment when you just have to say to yourself, "This is what I can do at the moment. I can't worry about anything else." Be kind to yourself and you will automatically be kind to others.

Or go completely off the deep end like me and take a raw food challenge!!

Just a thought....

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