Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chia Update

I live with a coffee addict and as someone who never has been able to drink coffee without feeling ill, I don't get the addiction. "Don't talk to me yet, You can't expect me to think or pay attention yet, I haven't had my coffee yet, I don't care if we will be late, I need to stop for coffee, I need coffee, I'm running out of energy...must... get.... coffee!!"...etc etc.

He makes coffee in a French press, which means coffee grounds left everywhere or he has to make a mad dash out to the coffee shop. It boggles my mind that it has so much control over him.

So yesterday as he lamented that he could not think to do a big spread sheet analysis in the afternoon... starting with the "I can't function without coffee" routine, I suggested chia. Since reading up on it to write about it in an earlier blog post (see it here) it was fresh in my mind about the energy provided. As he doubted, "but will it really work?" I said, "if it could fuel Aztec warriors and long distance running Myan messengers, I think it can help you work on the computer."

He has enjoyed chia pudding in the mornings but never thought about the energy factor.
So he tried some gel that I had in the fridge and mixed it with fresh Oj and sure enough a few minutes later I heard banging away on the computer.

Come On Out Computer Warrior!

Then about an hour later, a very hyped up person popped his head into the room to say- "Hey that stuff really works! I'm flying!"


Does that mean the end of the coffee grounds everywhere?
I don't really think so but maybe one can hope. ;-)

Read more about Chia here.


TanjaJo said...

cool, Jodi! I am going to have to try this prior to a run. Thanks.

Jodi Clark said...

Tanja- This is really BIG in the runner's world right now for endurance, stamina and energy. It you google chia most of the info is on runner's sites. Must be because of all those stories of "fleet-footed" Myan messengers subsisting on only chia for fuel and energy.

Bananna said...

favorite chia recipe?

Jodi Clark said...

Hi Banana-Hmmm. The Pudding that is on my October's Chia post is pretty good! But I really use the gel and just add it to my smoothies and water more than anything.


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