Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Green Smoothies, The Basics

If you do only one thing to improve your diet, starting your day with a green smoothie will make a major difference in how you feel and how you eat the rest of the day.

Raw green leafy vegetables are sooo good for us! But how can you get them into your diet without all that chewing on salads? By drinking them! Blend them into a delicious smoothie with fruit and you won’t even taste them. No added oils like salads. Easy to make. Easy to digest. Full of valuable nutrients and fiber. Delicious! You will be surprised that even kids will love them.

Basic Formula
2 cups water, 2 cups greens, 2-3 cups fruit

Get creative with any combo you like.
If it tastes too green, just add more fruit until you like it.

A good one to start with:

Berry Banana
2 cups water,
1 cup strawberries,
2 bananas (can be frozen),
handful of baby spinach

Throw it all into a blender and blend until smooth.

Some of Our Favorites:

Mangolicious (my current fav!)
2 cups water (or coconut water- I prefer fresh young thai coconuts), 2 handfuls of spinach leaves , 2 cups mango, 2 bananas (Pineapple is good in this too!)

Orangey Peachy
1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice, 1 cup water, 2-3 romaine leaves, 2 cups peaches

2 cups water, 2-3 kale leaves (no stems), 1 apple or pear, 1-2 cups mixed berries

Gone Bananas
2 cups water, 3 bananas, handful of spinach

Raspberry Goodness
1 cup water, ½ cup raspberries, 1 pear, 2 bananas, handful of kale


4 apples,
 ½ lemon juice,
 handful of kale,
 2 cups water

Just Peachy
6 peaches, 2 handfuls of spinach, 2 cups water

I could go on and on- the possibilities are endless. Experiment and find your favorite!

Pour them into popsicle molds for frozen treats!

Green Smoothie Tips:

Don’t try to be brave and go too green at first.
If you don’t like it, you won’t drink it and then you are not helping yourself at all.
Add more fruit until you like it. With time you will want more greens. Promise!

Milder greens tend to be spinach, romaine and chard so start there. Kale is the powerhouse though!
Rotate your greens every few days and keep trying different ones.
Harder stems, like the ones on chard or kale tend to be bitter so just use the leaf part.
With a regular blender, blend greens with water first until not so leafy-then add in the fruit.

Organic is always best. Try to at least use organic greens and if your fruit is not organic, keep to the ones with the thicker peels that get removed.
Frozen fruit is fine. I tend to keep peeled chopped bananas in the freezer and use as ice or to thicken.
Bananas or mango make it creamy and keep it from separating.
Apples, Pears or Grapes make it sweeter.
Also to sweeten you can add dates, figs or stevia to taste.
Keep it simple- not too many combos at once
You will eventually want less sweetness or even no sweetness.
Best way to store is in mason jars with lids filled to top. Will last 2-3 days in fridge so travels well.
You might want to drink it in a non-see-through cup at first if the green color bothers you or others.
Some kids will think the green is cool, especially if they help you make it.

Start your day with a green smoothie and not only will you have more energy but you will find that you will start craving more fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Give your children an advantage in school by boosting brain power and energy with smoothies for breakfast. Their teachers will thank you!

You can always tell someone who drinks green smoothies regularly because their skin glows. It’s true!

Victoria Boutenko
For the source of Green Smoothie information, check out Victoria Boutenko’s books.

The one that started it all: Green for Life,
and the follow up: Green Smoothie Revolution.

Victoria pioneered the whole Green Smoothie Revolution and has all the reasons why to drink them and many more recipes including the savory smoothies and soups in her books.

Or check out the website of The Raw Family 


TanjaJo said...

Great smoothie tips, Jodi. Thanks. Love your new blog.

Jodi Clark said...

Thanks Tanja for stopping by! Wish I could make you a green smoothie! ;-)

queenofkale said...

Jodi-I love the look of your blog! I am excited for you. Deb

Jodi Clark said...

Thanks Deb! So glad you dropped by!

Moi said...

I figured it out! :) ...nice, nice blog. You are clearly an expert, lol.

kathleen said...

Great blog Jodi! I particularly like your mission statement..."to make eating raw food simple." I think that's the key for a lot of people!

Jodi Clark said...

Moi- hardly an expert but thanks!

Jodi Clark said...

Thanks Kathleen- I know it's the key for me.

rjrlinksgolf said...

I'm going to go make a smoothie right now.

Hello my name is Marjorie said...

such a wonderful article on the basic star of a raw diet! You are so cool!

Jodi Clark said...

Marjorie & Rich- smoothies are the key, aren't they?

Lisa - The Gemagician said...

Great blog, Jodi! I'm always looking for new recipes! Thanks for being so inspiring for those of us who are wobbling on the fence of raw and alkalizing foods vs. In-And-Out! ;P

Jodi Clark said...

Lisa- you got it! I was an In-N-Out person myself so this blog is for those like me where this kind of change can be radical! We need baby steps!

Fin said...

I had my first green smoothie today - my 3 kids were intrigued. Hopefully I can share the goodness with them soon (although they are such picky eaters I don't know how that will go)

Jodi ~Getting Raw said...

FIn! That is good news. Remember to add lots of fruit until it's delicious and your kids will surprise you.They seem to take to it the easiest. I have a friend that goes once a year to her daughter's elementary school and gives out green smoothies to the whole school. They love it!


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