Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting Real About Going Raw

I’m not raw, not even vegan or vegetarian. Heck, until recently I have never even liked vegetables. So what am I doing writing a raw blog? Well what I am is a person that is trying to get well. Brian Clement, director of the acclaimed Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida says that, “people come to living foods by either inspiration or desperation.” I am the latter.

I became disabled five years ago, seemingly overnight and my life completely changed. I had been a complete workaholic and now I was bedridden and fearful that I was going to die. After 2.5 years of every kind of test imaginable and many doctors I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune system disorder. The only help I was offered was many prescription drugs but I found that they only made me worse. On my last hospital stay, I felt the drug treatments I was receiving were making me worse. It wasn’t until I started refusing them that I got well enough to check myself out. Something was terribly wrong. I gave up the idea of prescriptions being any kind of help for me.

Luckily I did find help through alternative medicine and that started my interest in studying natural health. I have come to understand that my illness, like many, boils down to toxicity and energy crisis. My body had become overly toxic as a result of chemical exposure through my occupation and run down by an unbalanced lifestyle. My body was running on emergency back up life support and had become highly susceptible to any form of fumes or chemicals, including all medicine and even food.

The best time to work on your health is while you have it. - I no longer had it.

I decided to humor one of my doctors and went on an Elimination Diet to try to find the source of my food sensitivities. I eliminated all processed food, all animal protein (because now a days they too are processed with chemicals), grains, and even certain fruits and vegetables and was extremely surprised by how much better I felt. The difference was undeniable and was the start of seeing food in a whole new way. I needed to focus on eating only real food- unadulterated, unprocessed, untreated, pure natural real food. I remember the day I walked into my giant supermarket and realized how little real food is sold there.

I started looking into whole real foods and in the process started learning about the healing power of raw fruits and vegetables and something referred to as “live foods.” I learned that they are both cleansing as in detoxifying and also offer up life force energy- the areas I need help with. There is no mistaking that vegetables and fruit are known for their health giving properties. Think about it. Have you ever heard some one say,  “be careful you don’t eat too many fruits and vegetables!” No. But how do you eat only that and feel satisfied?

I started dabbling with my diet almost 2 years ago and when I say dabbling I mean, trying smoothies, eating more fruit and salads and trying out this different way of preparing food that they call “raw.” I have not been consistent but when I have eaten what they call “high raw” it is amazing the quality of health that returns to me. Symptoms I didn’t even know I had disappeared. The life long eczema that I had is now gone. The seasonal allergies no longer exist. Colds and flus just don’t happen. The clarity of mind and mood drastically improves and energy- it increases dramatically. That is until I add the old food back in. Let’s face it, our society lives on processed food and it's a challenge to avoid it.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how it changed my taste buds. I now can’t go back to the way I used to eat and enjoy it. I’ve kind of painted myself into a corner. I no longer like my old favorite foods and as an added incentive I have become even more sensitive to them to the point of sometimes getting hives or an upset stomach after eating a cooked meal, bread or dairy. Sugar now gives me a wicked headache. There is no turning back.

Everyone knows the only way to get rid of old habits is to replace them with new ones. But I really didn’t learn new habits- at least not easy daily ones.

There are many blogs out there by people that have made the switch, gone raw, are advanced with their eating and food preparation or others that have tried it and no longer can sustain it. There are others by gourmet raw chefs with beautiful amazing food and complicated recipes that truly inspire. Raw can sound complicated, frightening and really out there and at the same time kind of exciting but not always doable. 
This blog is about the process of getting raw and getting real about it.
Learning the basics of adding raw into your life to make it a sustainable lifestyle.  This is for the person that wants to learn a simple way to add more of the good stuff into their life, whether or not you are trying to convert completely. Maybe you would like to get the family eating more healthy without the kicking and screaming and even the kids too. 

For you the reader, I hope you learn about the process of adding raw and living foods into your life, the simple way. That’s my plan for myself anyway. I hope you find a higher level of health for yourself and possibly your family. For me, this is a process of learning new habits and sharing the information that I have learned over the past couple of years and am still learning. I know what to do. I just need to put it into a daily practice and that’s what I plan to share with you. I believe in the power of raw foods. I have heard too many amazing health transformations not to. I hope I can become an amazing transformation story myself.

You really are what you eat. I find that so empowering!


rjrlinksgolf said...

Looking forward to trying my hand at making some raw food too.

Jodi Clark said...

I look forward to that!

Dianne Raw Girl said...

Jodi,I hope for your sake you stay on the Raw/Vegan path.Let me tell you I have been at this for 2 years exactly now,and I am not where I want to be either.Take that 1 day at a time and it will work.I am now around foods on weekends when out and about and I have to not let the smells get to me.Its a hard life to catch onto,when our mind is elsewhere.Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi: Mae from RFR here. Thanks for inviting me to read your new Blog. You certainly are off to a great start. I look forward to following your journey as I continue to build my own high raw lifestyle. Glad we became friends on Raw Food Rehab as it makes this journey more fun. Continued Success!

Lucy said...

Hi Jodi! Nice blog - really. It's not too crowded, which sometimes turns me off when there is TOO much information. I'll be checking in and reading this for sure!!! You RAWk girlfriend!!!

Carrie L. Carree said...

Jodi, I like the new blog and what you had to say. I look forward to following your blog over time and hearing about your health changes. Rawk on girl!!!!!!

Jodi Clark said...

Mae, Lucy and Carrie, Thanks for your comments and for stopping by. Means so much!


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