Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feelin' Groooovy!!

I have been high raw for almost a full week and I have to say I am really feelin' the raw love!

My sister had a bus like this back in the day-
 minus the groovy paint job.
I decided this time around, no rules, no ultimatums, just doing it the best that I can and not stressing too much over the other things that I eat. I know from past experience that if I eat more raw, eventually the other food will drop away on it's own. 

In the past I have set out to do all smoothies for a period of time, 30 days raw and all kinds of other things. I think now I am maybe a little bit wiser at least about myself enough to know that I just need to focus on the basics and adding in more raw instead of focusing on what to eliminate and percentages.

I have given myself a plank to walk instead of a tight rope and so far it's working!

What I Have Been Doing:
I eat breakfast first thing. Believe it or not this was not a pattern for me before. I have a green smoothie or even just a Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothies if I feel like it, or a bowl of Fresh Muesli which is a new fav! (recipes for both are below)

Lunch has been sort of whatever is at hand and I haven't focused much on that but then dinner I have been making either raw soup and a salad or this week I added a raw spaghetti marinara and zucchini pasta- like I said easy recipes! I am working on making preparing food a new habit. I have found these meals to be more than enough food. Rich has really enjoyed this too and says that these have been his favorite meals in a long time. Surprise!

Plus we have not been eating out in restaurants- Thank you very much!

Also I don't know why but soon as my mind decides to change my diet, all of a sudden I am craving sweets. I guess it's just a hold over mentality from previous diet days where the first thing my mind worries about is that I will never have a treat again. So this week I have had a heightened sweet tooth, which is probably where the Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie came from (and boy was it good!) I have made chocolate mousse and frozen it- which is delicious by the way. I made banana ice cream with pecans or raspberries. Funny though I have not eaten much of this- but I know it's there for me if I need it. I have made my favorite date dip aka "Caramel Dip" and have been chowing down on Honey Crisp apples- yum! (recipe below)

Like I said it's been almost a week and this is what I have experienced this far:
  • Lately I have been fighting the cortisol surge that keeps me up all night and sleeping most of the day. But the last couple of days I have actually fallen asleep around 10 pm and slept all night, waking up refreshed and ready for the day. That is HUGE people!
  • I have noticed that my asthma symptoms have disappeared and my breathing is better.
  • I have noticed that my stomach actually growls when I'm hungry or before bed and I just let it!
  • When I eat raw I feel energized afterwards.
  • When I eat cooked I feel stuffed (even when not overeating) and really tired.
  • This one really surprised me:
  • The other day I forgot to eat lunch because I was full from breakfast and then found myself starving late afternoon. I was out and about and fully intended to go through a drive through for instant satisfaction but really couldn't think of anything that sounded appealing. When I pulled over and thought about what I really felt like eating, I ended up at the grocery store buying grapes and strawberries! Talk about fast food! It totally hit the spot!
I know it hasn't been much time but the differences are really noticeable.
So that's my update for now.  Now for the good stuff...

Simple Ingredients
 Fresh Muesli
1/4 cup whole raw Almonds
2 Tbsp Pumpkin Seeds
1 Apple- diced (lately I am loving Honey Crisp apples)
1 Tbsp Raisins or cran raisins
1 Tbsp shredded unsweetened Coconut
1/4 tsp Cinnamon
1 pinch of Sea Salt

In a food processor with s- blade, mix all ingredients together. Pulse until coarsely chopped or longer for a smoother consistency but not too long as to get mushy. This couldn't be easier!
Fresh Muesli with Maple Pecan Cream
Top with Maple Pecan Cream if you like.

Maple- Pecan Cream
1/2 cup Pecans
1/2 cup Water
2 tbsp Maple Syrup

Blend all in high speed  blender until smooth. Extra cream will keep in fridge for up to 5 days.
Get Naked Fast! A Guide to Stripping Away the Foods That Weigh You Down
Muesli Recipe Inspired by Diana Stobo's book, 
Get Naked Fast! A Guide to Stripping Away the Foods That Weigh You Down

Caramel Dip with Apple and Crushed Pecans- Yum!
Date Paste aka Caramel Dip
If it wasn't for this, I don't know how I would get through most days!

Most of the time I just take dates that are soft (if they don't squish easily between your fingers  you need to soak them for about an hour in water with a little lemon juice if you have it but the lemon is not necessary.) When nice and soft, cut open and remove the pit and hard "cap" where it attached to stem, if present.

Blend in food processor with enough water to make date paste. If it has chunks then dates were not soft enough. Chunky is ok but next time soak longer or get fresher dates if possible. This works better in a smaller food processor or with a bigger batch.

Medjool on left, Khadrawi on right
See how the Khadrawi is plumper?
Personally I try to get Khadrawi dates from the farmer's market- they are like butter and so wonderful to work with. I never need to soak them.

Date paste can be kept covered in fridge for a couple of days. It is a good thing to keep on hand in the freezer though for recipes or sudden snack attacks!

The Best Caramel Dip
this one is a little more involved but really worth it!

1 cup pitted Dates (soaked if necessary)
1/4- 1/2 cup Almond Milk (can be purchased in most stores or look here to make your own.)
1 tsp Coconut oil
1 dash Sea Salt
1 tsp Vanilla

Blend dates starting with 1/4 cup of the milk and see how it blends. Add more if necessary to get the right consistency.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie
This is from Raw Dawg Rory's video posted below
(warning he looks a lot different than he does now ;-)

2 cups Water
1 cup Ice
1 frozen Banana
4 tbsp Tahini or Almond Butter would work too
4 Tbsp Honey or Agave Syrup
4 Tbsp raw Cacao or unsweetened Cocoa or Carob
1/4 tsp Vanilla
Blend and enjoy!

Here's Raw Dawg doing that thing he does so well!

I will be adding some basic soup recipes next so keep an eye out for that!

Till then .....Peace out!


Lucy said...

Nice recipes. Oh gosh, that V-Dub brings back memories! And Rory - holy mama!!!!

Hello my name is Marjorie said...

Love it! and where did you find a picture of my old bus, LOL!

Denise said...

So funny about your date paste post - thank you!!

I made the smoothie yesterday and it was SO good! I usually have a smoothie for breakfast but I'm going to make the muesli today.

I wasn't familiar with cortisol surges so I just read about them. Insomnia has become a huge problem for me and I haven't been able to find a solution. I wonder if cotisol is to blame? How did you get to sleep so early?

Thanks for your help!

Jodi Clark said...

Denise- So glad you liked the smoothie- it IS really good, huh? Hope you enjoy the muesli. It is a twist for me too from my regular smoothies.
I know cortisol is to blame for my up all night problems. I spike at midnight and get to sleep by sunup. Very annoying and a symptom of CFIDS, which I have. But since eating more raw, I have been getting tired at night and actually sleeping through the night. I think it is rebalancing my adrenals and so my cortisol is resolving itself- Let's hope!
Hope this helps you!

bitt said...

Love those food ideas. Fun treats. I had forgotten about the PB smoothie. I will have to try after I restock my almond butter.

I take melatonin to help me get to sleep. It really works wonders. I take a sublingual and time-release.

I tend to just eat really simply if I want cooked food, like I just had a bowl of chickpeas with a bit of nutritional yeast and oregano. Then you can get the nutrition but the raw food can be more "fun" and appetizing.

Jodi Clark said...

Thanks Bitt! I have tried everything for the sleep, even the melatonin, prescription, sleep counseling- if you can believe it. Only thing that works is acupuncture but I can only go for that so much. Once in a blue moon Ornithine works too but the raw seems to really be doing the trick for now.

I like the idea about the chick peas. ;-)

Eva Rawposa said...

A chocolate peanut butter smoothie?! UM, count me IN!! You are doing sooo great!! :)


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